Data Recovery for Mac

Data Recovery for Mac

Exclusively designed for Mac systems, Data Recovery for Mac turns out to be the best choice for users who desire to recover deleted files on Mac. Well-liked for its state-of-art performance and high working efficiency, Data Recovery for Mac enables users to recover accidentally deleted, lost and even logically corrupted data files. Moreover, as a full-featured data recovery tool for Mac, Recover for Mac makes it possible to recover deleted files Mac that are originally stored on devices like USB drive, SD card, digital camera and mobile phones.

Data Recovery for Mac provides Recover Deleted Files, Recover Photos and Recover Lost Partition modes to help users respectively recover deleted files on Mac, deleted photos on Mac and data in deleted volumes on Mac. Besides that, the Mac Data Recovery is also compatible with HFS+, FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS system volumes so that the recovery process won’t alter the original data on Mac systems. Generally speaking, Data Recovery for Mac can be used to recover deleted files mac of all kinds like photos, videos, music songs and documents.

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How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac

Part I: Recover deleted files Mac with File Recovery

Step 1: Customize the scan options

After installing Data Recovery for Mac, click "File Recovery" icon in the panel. Then click "More Options" button to customize the scan options. Check those file types one desires the data recovery tool to scan in the disk. For example, if users want to recover deleted movies, check "Video" box only. Next, choose "For deleted files" option in the panel and click "OK" button.

Customize the scan options

Step 2: Select the disk

When all the supported disks are listed in the panel, choose the one where the deleted data files used to rest and click "Next" button.

select disk

Step 3: Choose those deleted data files

After the data recovery tool has scanned all the deleted date files in the selected disk, all those deleted data files that can be recovered on Mac will be categorized according to file types. Choose the right file types, check those deleted data files needed to be recovered and then click "Recover" button to begin the process of recovering deleted files Mac. To make sure the deleted files are exactly the desired data files, users can double click the file names to preview them.

choose deleted data files

Part II: Recover deleted photos Mac with Photo Recovery

Step 1: Scan the disk

Opening Data Recovery for Mac and choose "Photo Recovery" button. Then choose the disk that stores the deleted photos and click "Next" button. Then the Data Recovery for Mac will scan all the deleted photos in the disk.

scan the disk

Step 2: Recover deleted photos

After the scanning process, all the deleted photos in the disk will be listed. Double click the photo name to preview the image. Check those deleted photos one desires to recover on Mac and then click "Recover" button to finish the recovering process.

recover deleted photos

Part III: Recover deleted files Mac with Lost Partition Recovery

Step 1: Choose Lost Partition Recovery

Download and install Data Recovery for Mac, open it and then click "Lost Partition Recovery" icon in the panel.

choose lost partition

Step 2: Analyze the cylinder of the disk

Select the disk one desires to analyze and then click "Next" button. Then the data recovery tool will start analyzing whether there are lost and damaged volumes or not.

analyze cylinder

Step 3: Choose the lost volumes

If the lost volumes are found, choose the one that once stored the deleted files and click "Next" button. After the program has scanned the volume, it will provide all the deleted files available for recovering on Mac. Choose those deleted files and then click "Recover" button to start recovering deleted files on Mac.

choose lost files


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